exercise compliance

ex·er·cise com·pli·ance

(eks'ĕr-sīz kŏm-plī'ăns)
A person's conformity to a prescribed or self-prescribed fitness program.
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TracPatch is a wearable device that remotely monitors a patient's post-surgical activities by continuously sending activity data back to the healthcare provider, including range of motion, ambulation, exercise compliance, and wound site temperature trends.
Through her research she works to develop new tools to treat persons living with vestibular conditions through the use of virtual reality, a vibrotactile device, and devices that can help record exercise compliance.
3] It is, therefore, necessary to design an alternative feasible form of physical exercise involving a relatively lesser muscle mass, which can reduce BP and increase exercise compliance in the population.
Borello-France et al describe the initial 10-week phase as providing this type of intervention, which may have contributed to the high rate of PFM exercise compliance during this stage.
Diet and exercise compliance was, for the whole program, 60 % for diet and 71.
How the researchers tried to maximise exercise compliance.
have served to aid trainees with exercise compliance.
Merrit's case study reported that the use of a gym ball improved both exercise compliance and low-back pain in one patient "with a history of recurring low back pain and a poor record of exercise compliance".
The lack of effect in the current study may have been due to poor exercise compliance by the participants.
Sluijs E M, Kok G J and van der Zee J (1993a): Correlates of exercise compliance and physical therapy.
Setting realistic goals, exercising in conjunction with one's needs and present fitness level, even being sensitive to environmental conditions, enhances exercise compliance.