exclusion principle

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exclusion principle

the principle that two species with the same ecological requirements cannot exist together.


a shutting out or elimination; surgical isolation of a part, as of a segment of intestine, without removal from the body.

competitive exclusion (CE)
a term used to describe the protective effect of the natural or native bacterial flora of the intestine in limiting the colonization of some bacterial pathogens. Competitive exclusion products are also called probiotics, direct-fed microbials or CE cultures.
exclusion principle
it is possible to prove from a parentage test that a particular animal is not the true parent but it is impossible to prove that a particular animal is a parent.
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Helium has two electrons, and according to the exclusion principle the spins of these two electrons must always be in opposite directions.
The repulsive core is attributed to the Pauli Exclusion Principle and Gillespie explains this as follows [12, see p.
The magnatons mediate the magnetic interaction between magnetic dipoles including magnets and provide plausible explanations for the Pauli exclusion principle, Chemical Reactivity and Chemical Bonds.
It provides plausible explanations for a wide range of hitherto unexplained phenomena including phenomena associated with the Pauli exclusion principle, chemical reactivity and chemical bonds.
Relying on this nuclear physics example, one deduces that the Pauli exclusion principle is completely consistent with three identical fermions in a [J.
Like all members of the decuplet, the states of these baryons abide by the Pauli exclusion principle.
The Pauli exclusion principle stands at the heart of modern molecular, atomic and nuclear physics.