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1. producing stimulation, especially by stimulation of muscle fibers through nervous tissue.
2. an agent that has such effects.


1. Stimulating; exciting to action.
See also: stimulus.
2. An agent that arouses organic activity, strengthens the action of the heart, increases vitality, and promotes a sense of well-being; classified according to the parts on which they chiefly act: cardiac, respiratory, gastric, hepatic, cerebral, spinal, vascular, genital.
See also: stimulus. Synonym(s): excitor, stimulator
Synonym(s): excitant
[L. stimulans, pres. p. of stimulo, pp. -atus, to goad, incite, fr. stimulus, a goad]


Tending to excite; stimulating.
An agent or stimulus that excites; a stimulant.


a drug or other agent that arouses the central nervous system or other body system in a particular manner. Excitants may be drugs or other substances, such as caffeine, or visual or auditory stimuli.


1. Stimulating; exciting to action.
2. Agent that arouses organic activity, strengthens heart action, increases vitality, and promotes sense of well-being.
Synonym(s): excitant.
[L. stimulans, pres. p. of stimulo, pp. -atus, to goad, incite, fr. stimulus, a goad]

excitant (eksīt´ənt),

n an agent that stimulates the activity of an organ.


an agent producing excitation of the vital functions, or of those of the brain.

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Q. I am excited to know in what way diet helps in preventing osteoporosis? my mother is suspecting to be having osteoporosis. She regularly complains of leg pain. Upon consultation with the doctor it was found with low calcium in her blood. She was given calcium tablets and was told to increase in the diet rich in calcium. She is taking milk and yoghurt especially. She is not well yet but shows some improvement. I am excited to know in what way diet helps in preventing osteoporosis?

A. you see, our bones are a giant storage of calcium. our body needs a very steady concentration of calcium, if it'll be low the body will take it form your bones. if there's too much- it'll either build bones (but only if he'll think he needs too- that is where sport get in the picture)or you'll urinate it.any way, you rather have large amount of calcium in your diet then less. but it's not enough- sport and other medication can help.

Q. my wife is pregnant !!! i am so excited ! this is the first time out of many i hope !!! but i have concerns that i would like to share with the community here ... i am afraid of being a bad father , i am afraid i won't know how to be a father ... where do u start ... how do i support my wife after the though experince ... how do i take care of the child ... a lot of things a re running through my mind with no answer ,can any one help me to calm down ????

A. you won't be a perfect father but you'll try to be. that's what's important. thousands of years of evolution gave you the basics. you'll be fine :)

Q. Hello everyone !!! are you excited with the swearing of Obama To presidency??? i sure am !!! may we all get a little joy and peaceful time wit hour fresh president ... and let us all wish him a great start and a chance to change our lives ... Good Luck Mr.President Obama !!!

A. well said Mrfoot65! May all the people in America receive the healthcare treatment they need. God bless.

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For ground vehicle payloads, such as the Multiple Launch Rocket System pod shown in the first photo, all nine exciters are employed, with the item mounted to the top of the LC6-DOF table using tactical mounts and tiedowns to provide the most realistic vibration environment for the payload.
The rotational exciter can force vibrations in a range of 3-14 Hz and 3-30 Hz in respectively a road bridge and a railway bridge.
6: TR--time constant of measuring filter, Te--gate control unit and time constant of converter, Tv--time constant of amplifier, Kv--amplification factor of amplifier, Ke--amplification factor of exciter, Te--time constant of exciter, Kffb--amplification factor of flexible feedback, Tffb--time constant of flexible feedback, Krfb--amplification factor of rigid feedback, Kf--amplification factor of winding W1, K--amplification factor.
The Galileo exciter butyl o-ring seal was therefore judged to be acceptable for a time period in excess of 17 years.
In addition to DVB-T2, the exciter also supports ATSC, ATSC M/H, DVBT/H, ISDB-Tb, FLO, CTTB, DAB, DMB, CMMB and a wide range of analogue TV standards, including NTSC and PAL.
Today, more than 10,000 FM exciters currently on the air worldwide incorporate Mendenhall's innovations.
To support HD Radio(TM) broadcasting, all five FM stations will use their new transmitters in conjunction with the Harris(R) FlexStar(R) HDx exciter, an award-winning Tri-Mode exciter platform for HD Radio(TM), analog FM, or simultaneous FM+HD broadcasting.
Harris Apex(TM) Digital Exciter is Centerpiece of New Harris FLO-capable Product Line
Tenders are invited for Replacement Of Unserviceable Avr Exciter And Self Starter Etc As Required in connection with Rmo Stand By Dg Set At Arc Doom Dooma Repair
WOR currently uses a Harris DX50(R) AM transmitter with a DEXSTAR(R) exciter and is now installing Harris 3DX(TM)-50 AM transmitters at its new site as part of a previous deal.
These components are integrated with the DRT4001 SDR RF front-end subsystem consisting of four DRT cards (Wideband Tuner, Exciter, Reference module, and the Controller) in a 20-slot 3U CompactPCI chassis.
Tenders are invited for Rmo Stand By Dg Set At Arc Doom Doomash Repair Replacement Of Unserviceable Avr Exciter And Self Starter Etc As Required