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The release isotherms of arsenic from its humic and fulvic complexes on treatment with phosphate and nitrate salts demonstrated a greater degree of exchangeability of arsenic by phosphate than by nitrate from such organo-arsenic complexes, although the extent of exchange was small in both the cases.
He was convinced that, left to its own devices, capitalistic exchangeability would ineluctably lead to the implosion of contemporary society.
The relative distances covered by the two balls gives a mental picture of the exchangeability of the nutrient.
It added that some projects touting the future exchangeability of crypto-tokens may be outright scams.
Access to fiat investment opportunities provides unprecedented diversification in terms of income sources while retaining all the benefits of the crypto universe, including decentralization, transparency, and exchangeability.
Because there are no exchangeability or portability requirements for the client.
Furthermore, it is not necessary to use different GPC columns for different types of solvents due to a high solvent exchangeability of GPC HK-404L columns.