excess lactate

ex·cess lac·tate

the increase in lactate concentration beyond what would be expected from the increase in pyruvate concentration resulting from a change in redox potential; used as an index of anaerobic carbohydrate metabolism.
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This finding is also supported by the finding that addition of excess lactate did not affect ATP generation in spermatozoa (Hereng et al.
As glycolysis exceeds oxidative capacity, excess lactate is produced and begins to drift.
A probable explanation for blood lactate being related to fatigue is when a high accumulation of lactate occurs, pH levels decrease leading to a greater inhibition of glycolysis, consequently decreasing the bioenergetics and decelerating work to a greater oxidative capacity allowing for MCT1 to recycle the excess lactate (i.
Table 1 Causes of perioperative hyperlactataemia and lactic acidosis in patients undergoing cardiac surgery Common Low cardiac output state Cardiogenic shock Distributive shock (sepsis, post-CPB shock state) Drug-related (adrenaline, salbutamol) Late-onset hyperlactataemia Uncommon Hepatic failure Severe hypoxia Severe anaemia Renal failure Severe hemolysis Large volume blood transfusion Excess lactate metabolism (lactate-based renal- replacement therapy solutions) Malignant hyperthermia Drug-related (propofol, sodium nitroprusside) Pancreatitis Administration of Ringer's Lactate fluid CPB=cardiopulmonary bypass.
Measurement of blood or plasma lactate, specifically the measurement of lactate/pyruvate ratios and subsequently excess lactate, became clinically important assays in the 1960s after these parameters were demonstrated to be of value in the evaluation and management of critically ill and injured patients.
14,18) It is postulated that being overweight, or weight gain, may predispose to hepatic steatosis, compromising the liver's ability to clear excess lactate.
The virus replicates cytocidally in a subpopulation of permissive tissue macrophages that clears excess lactate dehydrogenase from circulation.