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an amount more than is normal or necessary.
fluid volume excess excess fluid volume.


That which is more than the usual or specified amount.


/ex·cess/ (ek´ses) a surplus, an amount greater than that which is normal or that which is required.
antigen excess  the presence of more than enough antigen to saturate all available antibody binding sites.


an amount more than is normal or necessary.


(XS) (ek'ses)
That which is more than the usual or specified amount.


n more than is necessary, useful, or specified.
excess, marginal,
n a condition in which the restorative material extends beyond the prepared cavity margin.
excess overhang,
n a gingival margin excess.

Patient discussion about excess

Q. what do we need to do to burn excess fat from the body? Can anyone suggest particular exercise for burning excess fat from the body? and how to make six bag abs?

A. doing regular work outs and having a balanced nutrition will help your muscles to develop. muscles get bigger after they have been used repetitively over a certain period of time. that meant they will burn more energy while working and even while resting. then your fat layer will shrink over the time.

Q. What diet should I take on to reduce this excessive wrinkling? I am 34 and my skin looks much older. My facial skin is sagging. It is also very dry and dull. My face glow has reduced. Couple of years back I was healthy and I had a glowing skin and a very bright face. I have used some of the cosmetics but in vain and it exceeds my budget too. So I thought to try for good diet pattern to support my skin clarity. What diet should I take on to reduce this excessive wrinkling?

A. recovering damaged skin and collagen is not likely...sorry..but you can avoid more damage by doing a very simple thing- USE SUNBLOCK!!!
the most damaging thing to our skin is sun radiation. all those creams that supposedly protect your skin and revitalizing it- are much less affective then just using simple sun block.

Q. My child loves spinach and demands them a lot I wanted to know is there any problem to have them in excess?

A. HELL NO! REWARD THE HELL OUT OF HIM FOR EATING IT! You may also want to tweak it further by introducing him to other healthy dark green leafys like collards, kale, red Swiss chard which he might think is cool to look at; its actually similar in taste to spinach just less bitter! Good for you!

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The fine young people despise life, but in me, and in such as with me are free from dyspepsia, and to whom a day is a sound and solid good, it is a great excess of politeness to look scornful and to cry for company.
Each of these elements in excess makes a mischief as hurtful as its defect.
Even in my own heart I could give no expression to my sensations--they weighed on me with a mountain's weight and their excess destroyed my agony beneath them.
I cannot help committing this to writing, as perhaps it may be useful to those into whose hands it may fall, for guiding themselves in the extravagances of their passions; for if an excess of joy can carry men out to such a length beyond the reach of their reason, what will not the extravagances of anger, rage, and a provoked mind carry us to?
As discussed, the IRS takes the position that the transfer occurs in the year there is excess cash surrender value (i.
A's excess retirement accumulation is determined as follows: $2,000,000 minus the greater of (1) $600,000 or (2) the present value of a period certain annuity of $148,500 a year for 16 years (A's life expectancy).
85% subordination provided by classes M-5, M-6, M-7 and M-8, initial OC and monthly excess interest.
In addition, AIG Specialty Excess has also announced the appointments of Bob Penny, Senior Vice President - Public Entity, as well as Bill McDaid Eastern Zone Senior Vice President in New York; Mark Kleabir Western Zone Senior Vice President in Los Angeles; Karen Votta, Assistant Vice President in Philadelphia; and Tom Rocca, Assistant Vice President in San Francisco.
Because P receives a distribution more than $200 in excess of the amount required to be distributed under Sec.
65% credit enhancement provided by classes M-7 through M-11 certificates, monthly excess interest and initial OC.
123(R)-3 allowing most companies until at least November 11, 2006, to determine a method for computing the pool of excess tax benefits, there is still time for CPAs to help companies prepare for the deferred tax issues Statement no.
In County of San Diego, the California Supreme Court again focused on specific wording in the insuring agreement, but held that excess policy language restricted coverage to court-ordered money judgments and did not include cleanup expenses incurred in responding to government orders.