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Founded in 1988, Excel Switching Corporation is a leading provider of carrier-class media gateways, media servers, signaling gateways, and enhanced service platforms for original equipment manufacturers, value-added resellers, and service providers.
Working closely with Excel, we've been able to leverage the company's reliable, high-performance technology to create the ideal VoiceXML-based environment for platform and service providers, as well as VARs, to continue the rapid deployment of current and new IVR applications that are in high demand.
When Excel introduced the IMG 1010 to Ntera, we immediately realized that the product made a major leap forward in terms of capabilities and lowering total cost of ownership," said Engin Yesil, CEO, Ntera Holdings, Inc.
Agostinelli most recently held the position of vice president, sales and marketing, at Excel Switching Corporation and was VP/General Manager of Excel during the latter half of its ownership under Lucent Technologies.
We believe the features of the IMG 1010 give LatiNode a distinct, competitive advantage, and we have been impressed with the proactive support Excel has provided during the deployment process.
I joined Excel at the most exciting and promising time in the company's history.
Excel OPS is a division of Excel Switching Corporation, an award-winning ISO certified provider of carrier-class telecommunications networking equipment, which currently has more than 8,500 systems deployed worldwide.
As application developers build their services, they need to choose among multiple network architecture alternatives for delivering services," said Bill Kelly, Director of Marketing at Excel Switching Corp.
We are very excited about our partnership with Excel," stated Qualmax CTO Eric Campbell.
Tasked with specifying, engineering, and supporting the VoIP gateway interface, the NEC team selected Excel and its application development partner, Emergent Network Solutions, to deliver the call management, routing, and configuration functions for the new VoIP gateway.
In the second half of 2005, NACT will launch IPAX-XL, an integrated application server and gateway control system built to control the Excel Converged Services Platform (CSP), creating an industry-leading platform for delivering telecom solutions.
Platform Experts' SiPX, the company's newest product based on Excel, enables CLECs to operate as VoIP broadband phone service providers.