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One who performs an examination.
[L. examino, to weigh, examine]
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After five years, we do have a pretty stable workforce, but in that five years, we've hired hundreds of examiners, and after a few levels of training .
Examiners recorded 215 verbal attacks from learners last year, 10 acts of aggression and eight physical attacks, according to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).
We are finding an increased demand for the content created by our Examiners from consumers and from publishers," added Kapur.
Rebecca Gosnell has been promoted to bank senior examiner by the Arkansas State Bank Department.
com will also actively recruit new Examiners from NowPublic, focusing specifically on NowPublic's "professional amateur" contributors as well as its bevy of international writers, including its strong Canadian presence.
USPTO primarily determined its annual hiring estimates on the basis of available funding levels and institutional capacity to train and supervise new patent examiners, and not on the basis of the number of patent examiners needed to reduce the existing backlog of patent applications or review new patent applications.
Grade Five Piano: David Sharpe and Ella Poret, examiners
Upon completion of the course (and after a preceptorship), the examiner will be able to assess, document, examine, photograph and properly collect evidence from the patient.
Under the proposal, if an examiner serves as the senior examiner for a depository institution or depository institution holding company for two or more months during the examiner's final twelve months of employment with an agency or Reserve Bank, the examiner may not knowingly accept compensation as an employee, officer, director, or consultant from that institution or holding company, or from certain related entities.
The system overwhelms many patent examiners, operates under laws and bureaucratic incentives that favor applicants, and can potentially be hoodwinked.
All orders must be prepaid with check or money order payable to the American Association of Dental Examiners.
The board of examiners has the authority to certify assisted living facility managers in conjunction with the Department of Health Services, which licenses the facilities, according to the Auditor General's office.