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One who performs an examination.
[L. examino, to weigh, examine]
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said his cooperative had the same lead examiner for a while but the other examiners on the team of approximately six has changed.
He will also play a leading role in developing Washington Examiner e-Books, e-Newsletters and branded events.
LEARNERS who fail their driving test are giving examiners hell.
Grade Seven Piano: Kent McWilliams and James Lawless, examiners
In 1983, the office received 87 applications per examiner.
Most intriguing and promising of all is the fact that Anschutz has registered the Examiner trademark in 69 cities, including the JOA-afflicted markets of Albuquerque, Birmingham, Cincinnati, Denver, Detroit, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Tuscon--and Seattle.
Upon completion of the investigation, it is necessary for the examiner only to assemble the notes in order, prepare an index, list of exhibits and a synopsis (see below) in order to complete the paperwork.
However, courts don't accept as evidence the results of an automated search without verification by a firearms examiner looking at the actual bullets or cases with a comparison microscope.
If the examiner discovers a non-disclosed tax shelter or listed transaction during the examination, he or she may expand the scope of the examination to include that issue.
We conducted intensive surveillance for additional anthrax cases, which included collecting data from hospitals, emergency departments, private practitioners, death certificates, postal facilities, veterinarians, and the state medical examiner.
You will work closely with a sexual assault examiner who is a member of a sexual assault response team, rather than a member of your department's forensic evidence team.
The openly gay publisher of the Examiner in San Francisco expands his political clout while fighting off critics