evoked potential

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e·voked po·ten·tial

an event-related potential, elicited by, and time-locked to, a stimulus.
See also: evoked response.

evoked potential (EP)

Etymology: L, evocare, to call forth, potentia, power
an electrical response in the brainstem or cerebral cortex that is elicited by a specific stimulus. The stimulus may affect the visual, auditory, or somatosensory pathway, producing a characteristic brain wave pattern. The activity and function of the system may be monitored during surgery while the patient is unconscious. The surgeon is thus able to prevent damage to the nerves during operative procedures. Evoked potentials are also used to diagnose multiple sclerosis and various disorders of hearing and of sight. Kinds of evoked potentials include brainstem auditory evoked response, somatosensory evoked potential, and visual-evoked potential. See also brain electric activity map.

e·voked po·ten·tial

(ē-vōkt pō-tenshăl)
Event-related potential, elicited by, and time-locked to, a stimulus.

Evoked potential

A test of nerve response that uses electrodes placed on the scalp to measure brain reaction to a stimulus such as a touch.
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evoked potential,

n an electrical response in the brainstem or cerebral cortex that is elicited by a specific stimulus. This property of the brain may be used to monitor brain function during surgery.

evoked potential

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