evidence-based care

evidence-based care,

n a philosophy of treatment that relies on up-to-date, germane research as its foundation.
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The Persivia CCM solution ties clinical decision support together with both quality and care management in order to provide actionable, real-time, evidence-based care management to improve overall patient care.
By working collaboratively we are able to provide the best evidence-based care for all of our stroke patients," said Teri McIntyre, RN, stroke program coordinator at Confluence Health.
For increased rates of diagnosis to result in better chronic disease control, patients must receive care in systems that are effective and that ensure the provision of evidence-based care.
Just 13 percent of the mental health providers surveyed met the study's readiness criteria for both cultural competency and delivering evidence-based care.
It also must provide access to continuing education modules, evidence-based care sheets, research instruments and lessons providing overviews of disease and conditions.
With every advancement in the field, NAMS has been available to help clinicians and women make the best possible evidence-based care decisions.
Miller's article cites the RAND Corporation finding that if all 210,000 untreated veterans with PTSD and/or major depression were to receive evidence-based care, the $481 million investment needed to get the job done (according to RAND) "would result in over $1.
SIH chose these point-of-care solutions to provide an easily implemented framework for employing actionable, evidence-based care and improving its clinical workflow, patient education and patient satisfaction.
We are excited to be doing this since we feel now is the time to highlight all the new ideas and innovations that are being created by evidence-based care and research in acute care, community care, other types of healthcare facilities, private practice, and nurse managed businesses.
These hospitals use evidence-based care processes that are delivered "in the right way and at the right time.
This reference manual for healthcare practitioners begins with background chapters on the scope and delivery of evidence-based care, competency-based practice, recognizing and managing the critically ill and at-risk patient on a ward, and admitting a critically ill patient.

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