evidence-based care

evidence-based care,

n a philosophy of treatment that relies on up-to-date, germane research as its foundation.
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At HIMSS 2018 next month, the integrated solution, which leverages the unified patient view, evidence-based care management, risk stratification and quality analytics capabilities of Salesforce Health Cloud's workflow, patient engagement and communication tools would be showcased.
Our support for the government's anti-typhoid campaign exemplifies the strength of our ongoing partnership,' said USAID Acting Deputy Mission Director for Sindh and Balochistan Oghale Oddo, adding that USAID will continue to support the Sindh government in their efforts to institutionalise evidence-based care.
according to CVS, and it will support CVS Specialty's evidence-based care management programs and facilitate connectivity with health care providers nationwide that currently use Epic, including many major health systems, hospital networks and physician groups.
The system also offers a library of preconfigured evidence-based care pathways, with tools designed to meet regulatory requirements, as well as a secure provider portal for payers and clinicians to request and track authorizations and referrals and communicate across an integrated care team--all of which can also be done securely through a responsive-designed web application.
Director Naz Nathani said: "We are a small, local company that specialises in providing superior, evidence-based care and dementia-friendly accommodation that caters for the elderly and vulnerable and our research has identified the need for a purpose-built facility in Erdington.
MDGuidelines is a proven approach to managing and measuring the impact of evidence-based care across entire populations.
We are also educating patients on how they can talk to their physicians and get access to appropriate evidence-based care for both chronic pain and for substance use disorders.
It presents an inclusive model of evidence-based care and covers sources of knowledge for evidence-based care, critiquing research, collaboration, clinical decision-making, and getting evidence into practice.
When patients get evidence-based care, they have 28% better outcomes.
When reading this definition of best practice, it's easy to see how similar it is to a basic tenet of evidence-based care --integrating individual clinical expertise and the best external evidence.
By working collaboratively we are able to provide the best evidence-based care for all of our stroke patients," said Teri McIntyre, RN, stroke program coordinator at Confluence Health.
For increased rates of diagnosis to result in better chronic disease control, patients must receive care in systems that are effective and that ensure the provision of evidence-based care.

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