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I will confess to you, sir, that in spite of my promise, my first impulse was to act straightforwardly and to make everything known to the head of the family, but the thought of his uncompromising sternness made me pause, and the probable consequences of the confession appalled me; my courage failed, I temporized with my conscience, I determined to wait until I was sufficiently sure of the affection of the girl I hoped to win, before hazarding my happiness by the terrible confession.
Everything in that house was done with some useful end in view; the women spent their leisure time in making garments for the poor; their conversation was never frivolous; laughter was not banished, but there was a kindly simplicity about their merriment.
Day after day I used to see everything, even the furniture in constant use, always standing in the same place, and this uniform tidiness pervaded the smallest details.
Since the day when our hearts had understood each other, nothing seemed to be as it had been before; everything about us had acquired a fresh significance.
Everything shone so brightly in the fiery rays of the sun, and then all at once the whole landscape grew dark and dreary.
His lordship is a man to whom I owe much, everything in life," said the Right Reverend Doctor Trail, thinking that the Archbishop was rather shaky, and Mrs.
He concentrated all his energies on thinking of everything and forgetting nothing; and his heart kept beating and thumping so that he could hardly breathe.
And, indeed, if it had ever happened that everything to the least point could have been considered and finally settled, and no uncertainty of any kind had remained, he would, it seems, have renounced it all as something absurd, monstrous and impossible.
Luckily for him, everything went well again at the gates.
Marc Overton, Vice President Wholesale and M2M, Everything Everywhere said: "Our ambition to become the partner of choice in the M2M space is underlined by our international partnership with RACO Wireless and the addition of T-Mobile and France Telecom's Service Alliance.
THE eagerly anticipated return of Everything Everything will be celebrated next month when they kick-start their UK tour.
How could she comprehend everything that had happened that morning?

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