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(i-vap″ŏ-rā′shŏn) [L. evaporare, to disperse in steam]
1. Change from liquid to vapor.
2. Loss in volume due to conversion of a liquid into a vapor.
evaporate (i-vap′ŏ-rāt″) evaporative (i-vap′ŏ-rāt″iv)


pertaining to evaporation.

evaporative loss
loss of body water by evaporation of water from the body to the air; a heat control mechanism and a factor in water balance studies.
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An experimental evaluation of a residential-sized evaporatively cooled condenser.
8 ft/s) Hasan and Siren (2003) * Increase in finned HX capacity 92%-140% higher than bare tube HX * No water bridging observed Hosoz and * Capacity and COP of evaporatively cooled Kilicarslan (2004) unit * 31% and 14.
Saman and Alizadeh (2002) built and tested an evaporatively cooled, liquid-desiccant conditioner that used a plastic-plate, cross-flow, air-to-air heat exchanger as its contact surface.
Although simple in theory, an evaporatively cooled conditioner can be difficult to implement.
The ambient wet-bulb temperature would be the temperature of the cooling sink--as it is for the evaporatively cooled conditioner--but in this configuration the plates are no longer directly cooled by evaporation.
Improvement in the COP due to evaporatively cooled condenser air was approximated using RTU manufacturer published data.
The two evaporatively cooled houses were also equipped with 13 SEER air conditioners to provide cooling during the monsoon season.
House 4 uses an evaporatively cooled condensing unit connected to a standard evaporator coil joined to a variable speed air handler.