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(i-vap″ŏ-rā′shŏn) [L. evaporare, to disperse in steam]
1. Change from liquid to vapor.
2. Loss in volume due to conversion of a liquid into a vapor.
evaporate (i-vap′ŏ-rāt″) evaporative (i-vap′ŏ-rāt″iv)


pertaining to evaporation.

evaporative loss
loss of body water by evaporation of water from the body to the air; a heat control mechanism and a factor in water balance studies.
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4L], will have the same values as the enthalpy of ammonia leaving the evaporative condenser, [h.
In five years time, ClimaGulf aims to be the market leader with 20 per cent market share of the branded evaporative cooling systems in the entire GCC region.
Headquartered in Morrisville, North Carolina, TearScience has pioneered devices that provide significant clinical identification and treatment of evaporative dry eye.
Evaporative air conditioning technology is ideal for hotter climates like the Middle East, as it cools air naturally, effectively and efficiently, he said.
Evaporative cooling, whether employed directly or indirectly, is effective in lowering the ambient air temperature but requires considerable amounts of water.
The products are based on the concept of evaporative cooling or misting: a fan draws outside air through wet filter pads, where it is filtered and cooled and is then distributed or directed into the building.
Sales expanding' Kym Garrick, its export manager for Asia, the Middle East and South America, commented: "Sales of the high-quality, high-efficiency Breezair machines are expanding in the Middle East region where evaporative cooling can be successfully used.
Figures 1 and 2 show a schematic diagram of the forced air evaporative cooler [15].
To reach the conclusion, researchers tested cars' evaporative emissions one hour after they were driven and then during a stationary test, where vapours were measured from each vehicle over 24 hours.
By itself, crosslinked polyethylene does not meet the new evaporative emissions requirements.
The evaporative condenser consists of condenser tubes, which are already in aircooled mode.
Breezair evaporative coolers contain large filter pads, which are kept wet by a water distribution system.