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This, along with evaporating seawater, intensifies Earth's natural greenhouse effect.
This allows for a substantial increase (up to 30 to 40 percent) in latent heat removal and an increase in evaporating temperature to as high as 50 degrees.
The force from the mystery element keeps the tungsten in halogen bulbs from evaporating as quickly.
Rocky sediments indicate only that standing water existed for perhaps as little as a few hundred years before evaporating.
The edge of the drop typically gets pinned in place by surface irregularities, so liquid evaporating from the edge, where the drop is thinnest, must be replenished by liquid streaming in from the drop's interior.
People cool off as their sweat dries because the evaporating moisture transfers heat from their bodies to the surrounding air.
But shoes and socks absorb sweat, and keep it from evaporating.
But seawater pools slowly evaporating under a hot noonday sun can become saturated enough to spawn the requisite chemical reactions.
Water evaporating from the ocean releases heat into the atmosphere, cooling off the sea surface, just as evaporating sweat chills a person's skin.
In hot, dry regions, people harvest salt by evaporating sea water (left).
The companion star of one of the fastest-spinning puslars yet foud is evaporating, and Columbia University scientist Wlodzimierz Kluzniak and his colleagues have proposed a model that explains the behavior of this pair and the dearth of other such pairs in the universe.