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Q. What does an autism evaluation consist of? How long does it take? My two year old is getting evaluated for autism and I want to know what to expect. He is already in speech therapy. His speech therapist said she sees no signs of autism but I still want him tested just to be sure.

A. Hi Hun.. my twin son Thomas was 3 when he was taken to an assessment unit it was a 6 week look at him and how he was and acted, within a few sessions he was diagnosed with severe autism, he is nine now and still non verbal and still in nappies, i have to say autism isn't just about the lack of speech its a lot more than this, lack of eye contact , no interest in playing with other children head banging limited diet also can he a factor, Thomas had a speech therapist before he was assest at the “child development center” and even she said she thought he had autism but its not down to them they just pass on to the right people what she seen during the session, age two is very Young to be assest that is why (depending where your from) they like to leave it to three as speech is still developing.

Q. Can someone please explain the reason for juvenile delinquency?

A. Juvenile delinquency is not necessarily a trait of bipolar disorder, although it is possible for a person with bipolar disorder to act on impulse while experiencing an episode. To use Justins example, shop lifting, an adult in a manic episode may spend all of their money without thought or reason, where a child/youth may not have money to spend which may lead to shop lifting. In a manic episode Justin is right the lines between right and wrong can be blurred, thus the person suffering may make poor decisions and can find themselves in trouble with the law.

Q. Are Bipolar disorder and alcoholism related to each other? I need to know this.

A. People with bipolar disorder have a higher risk of becoming dependant on alcohol or drugs. It is called self medicating. Usually this behavior begins before there is a diagnosis or if diagnosed and being treated the treatment is not working properly. The substance offers the person a "mental break" the problem is this break is temperary because alcohol is a depressant so only for a little while is their any relief and then the depression worsens. It becomes a nasty cycle. If you or someone you know is self medicating and is being treated for bipolar disorder I would suggest going to the doctors and talking about your/their adictions and deside with a professional if the medications currently being taken are effective. From there hopefully the need for alcohol or drugs will lessen, then it is an issue of making a decision to stop all together.

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The Association of College and Research Libraries' (ACRL) (2003) information literacy standards for higher education define information literacy as knowing of how to look for, evaluate, and use information.
Having the opportunity to use all of the projectors on the same day, in the same type of classroom, and evaluate ease of setup gave the committee a clearer idea about which projector met their needs.
A credit-based TenantAlert Predictor Score (TAPS) that automatically evaluates the credit information provided by the credit bureaus and translates it into a numerical score indicating the financial risk of renting to that particular applicant.
It takes a CPA's understanding of the client's business environment, materiality and strategic thinking to evaluate the control risks.
Measurement tools have become a necessary component to evaluate outcomes, including productivity, functional efficiency, and cost containment.
It is an evolutionary standard that sets the stage for a broader scope project that will address -- in greater detail -- issues such as the evidence needed to evaluate assertions related to the fair value of financial instruments and the auditor's responsibility for evaluating assertions about investments when a third-party custodian is involved.
Dennis O'Leary, president of the Joint Commission, said this was the ``first time the state of California has turned to external private-sector organizations to evaluate the quality of its health plans.
Texaco): Three years ago, we began to evaluate annually our 13-member board based on its nine areas of responsibility.
Pearson Knowledge Technologies today announced results of research revealing that the use of Summary Street, the company's automated tool to evaluate the content of students' summaries, builds student reading comprehension and writing skills.
During a formal assessment, the Telework Consortium will meet with key company stakeholders to evaluate current workflow, work culture, information technology infrastructure, and human resource (HR) policies.
In order to meet our customers' and partners' security requirements, we felt it was important to have the security industry's leading independent testing firm evaluate our Digital Vault platform," said Nir Gertner, Chief Technology Officer of Cyber-Ark Software.
Log Auditing: Evaluates whether system logs are appropriately enabled and configured to record information.

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