evacuation system

e·vac·u·a·tion sys·tem

(ē-vakyū-āshŭn sistĕm)
In dentistry, a suction used to remove fluids such as saliva and blood from an area to provide a dry treatment field.

evacuation system,

n a centralized vacuum system connected to each dental operating unit, used to keep the oral cavity clear of water, saliva, blood, and debris, generally operating at a high volume, high velocity, and low pressure.
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10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The global smoke evacuation system market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 5.
com/research/grzklt/smoke_evacuation) has announced the addition of the "Smoke Evacuation System Market - Global Forecast to 2020" report to their offering.
An evacuation system comprising one master panel and six distribution panels was also installed to allow for future expansion and reduce environmental impact and cost.
Blown film extrusion plants can now reduce airborne contaminants by as much as 80% with a patented Saturn Evacuation System (SES) and extend cleanings from every six weeks to quarterly, or longer, according to the company.
The new Saturn Evacuation System (SES) is said to comprise a small air ring that fits any air ring or die that is constructed of aluminum and fits between the die and the primary cooling ring.
com)-- Blown film extrusion plants can now reduce airborne contaminants by as much as 80% with a new patented Saturn Evacuation System (SES) from Future Design Inc.
announced the receipt of US patent #8,282,374 for their Evacuation System for Plastics Extrusion.
Presented by the co-ordinator for the health care operation at the Tunisian-Libyan border during the first phase of the crisis of refugees, whose number reached 241,702 including 29% of Libyan and Tunisian nationals, the new contingency plan revolves around four axes, namely maintaining the present front-line device and boosting epidemic supervision, organising an evacuation system of the injured and the seriously-hit patients, rehabilitation of the front-line health structure on the path of evacuation and strengthening capacities of the Tunisian southeastern hospitals.
Sights and sounds from the two-day long test of the Dallas County Jail smoke evacuation system.
The order includes 18 of Cavotec's pre-conditioned air (PCAir) systems forming the centrepiece of the project, while the manufacturer will also deliver and install pop-up units, transformer sub-stations, 400Hz power supply systems, a Vacuum Evacuation System, a blue water supply system and a potable water supply system, The installation work is due for completion in February 2011 with a subsequent operation and maintenance period for one year.
signed an LOI with Emirates covering the provision of evacuation system MRO on EK's A380s.
Godwin's venturi air evacuation system allows the CD103M to prime from dry conditions with suction lifts up to 28 feet.