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The Supreme Court said 'living will' would be permitted only after obtaining permission from the family members of the person who had sought passive euthanasia and also from a team of expert doctors who had reached conclusion that the said patient could not be revived.
A senior health ministry official said the redrafted bill does not encourage active euthanasia.
No one believes euthanasia will lead to a second Holocaust, but as the distinguished Canadian historian, Margaret MacMillan, has said, without knowing the past, we deprive ourselves of an important source of understanding.
In other practices, there may be a lack of understanding the holistic nature of euthanasia.
Lastly, the decriminalization of euthanasia should be supported by a regulatory framework protecting the rights of patients.
Active euthanasia has not been recommended in The Medical Treatment of Terminally Ill patients ( protection of patients and medical practitioners) Bill.
We must be assured that there is a medically appropriate reason for the euthanasia or a very serious behavior problem for which all alternative options have been discussed, explored, and ruled out.
Giving input on the 'slippery slope' concerns of anti-euthanasia legislation protagonists during the debate, Fisher said there was empirical evidence of increased terminations of pregnancy, while neonatal euthanasia declined in Holland in the 5 years since the publication of the 'Groningen Protocol' (which helps identify situations in which neonatal euthanasia might be appropriate).
Questions were related to their knowledge, views about legalization, factors and obstacles in practicing euthanasia.
The debate on euthanasia in medical community stays unresolved.
4 -- On 16th July, 2014, our Supreme Court has called for a national debate on euthanasia after reviewing a plea from a lobby group to legalize mercy killings.
On June 5th, 2014, the Quebec National Assembly passed Bill 52, legalizing euthanasia on demand.