Artificial insemination by semen from a donor selected because of certain desirable characteristics for the development of superior offspring.
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85, 87 (1993) (reporting that the Archbishop of Canterbury's Commission in 1948 urged the criminalization of sperm donation because the process requires masturbation and results in the birth of an illegitimate child); John McMillan, The Return of the Inseminator: Eutelegenesis in Past and Contemporary Reproductive Ethics, 38 STUD.
Certainly, the many genesis stories Squier tells - of eutelegenesis (artificial insemination), penectogenesis (an early term for IVF) and ectogenesis - tempt the feminist analyst to reach for generalizations, for a theory that grapples with "the deepest fears and wishes of our cultural unconscious: the fear of female procreative dominance, and the male wish to usurp and monopolize reproductive power.