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2 alloys are more tolerant of changes in practice than the eutectic alloys.
Significantly, while its competitors sell through distributors, who also stock consumables of other companies, Castolin Eutectic alloys are primarily sold direct through its own associated companies who can identify new repair subcontract opportunities.
Soft solders, eutectic alloys and gold wires for bonding are also supplied for microelectronic and thin film hybrid circuit manufacturers.
The polymeric materials used to fabricate a typical PCB will commonly be exposed to reflow and wave soldering temperatures up to 30[degrees]C higher than when lead-based eutectic alloys were the norm.
2, the modification of Al-Si eutectic alloys can be related to the depression of the eutectic arrest temperature.
Among the currently considered compositions, ternary eutectic Sn-Ag-Cu alloys have received a lot of attention due to their reasonable melting temperature (217 [degrees]C), increased strength and a lower wetting angle comparing to binary Sn-Ag eutectic alloys (Madeni et al.