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1. A mixture of metals wherein the metals are miscible in the liquid state but separate into two phases in the solid state, usually alternating fine layers of one phase over the other. The fusion temperature is lower than that of any of the components.
2. An alloy that freezes at a constant temperature; the lowest of the series.
[eu- + G. tēxis, a melting away]
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The research plan was to design and build an eutectic system with vapour injection and economizer.
During the growth of the eutectic phase the graphite flake morphology characteristic of gray iron is defined.
According to Haque and Maleque [1] who studied the Sr modification of Al-Si piston alloys, the extent to which Sr is able to refine the eutectic structure strongly depends on its concentration in the molten alloy before the start of solidification, as well as on the cooling rate.
A statement from Castolin Eutectic, commenting on the KSA market, said: "The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers good opportunities for growth.
However, there has been limited use of the EQCM and none of PBD in room temperature ionic liquids, including deep eutectic solvents (DES).
This is in contrast to the prilocaine-lidocaine eutectic mixture which usually requires a time of one hour occlusion to achieve adequate anesthesia.
About a decade ago, some urologists started to prescribe EMLA, a prescription topical anesthetic that achieves a eutectic formula, and somewhat better absorption, with the combination of lidocaine and prilocaine," said Dr.
APPLICATION: By placing the Eutectic products within the cold store one can create a TES facility whereby the excess refrigeration capacity during off-peak periods and lower ambient conditions over-night can be utilised to shift the peak load.
Another ILs that is receiving interest is eutectic ILs (usually known as deep eutectic solvents, with special properties composed of a mixture forming a eutectic with a melting point much lower than either of the individual components) (Abbott et al.
According to them, eutectics are very versatile; they are monolithic and structured at the micro- and nanoscale, many different component materials can be used to form a eutectic, different geometrical motifs can be achieved, and often the obtained structure can be controlled from the micro- to the nanoscale.