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euphoric (ūfôr´ik),

n a substance that produces an exaggerated sense of well-being.
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Confetti showers and the euphoric joys of Do You Realize?
Heroin and morphine hijack this system to produce a euphoric 'high' but they are also very powerful pain-relieving drugs.
Top 20 single Apply Some Pressure was played early on, helping to stir up an already euphoric atmosphereBy the time current single Graffiti was aired, Maximo Park had eased through one of the most accomplished collection of songs from any band of the last five years.
mildly euphoric, possibly anesthetized serenity reigns, along with a kind of nostalgia for structureless-ness.
Approved by the FDA in the early 1980's as a daily oral medication for treating heroin addiction, naltrexone is a potent opioid receptor antagonist that binds to receptors in the brain, thus, blocking the euphoric effects produced by opioids.
Carpenters vocalist Karen is both praised and mourned in this sleek, throbbing and gently euphoric piece of primed and pulverising pop from the South London trio.
But the city Mayor's Blue Ribbon Task Force also is warning parents to secure all prescription drugs as well as cough and cold medications with dextromethorphan or an antihistamine called chlorpheniramine - found in nonprescription medications that in large doses provide a euphoric high.
Among the finest was In My Arms, with its euphoric sample of Kim Carnes' Bette Davis Eyes but track of the night was the anthemic encore Drop the Pressure.
it translates observation into a euphoric absurdism that's not too far off from rock's best trips into nonsense.
Most people will be euphoric to see the back of him.