A medium for mounting histologic specimens, composed of sandarac, eucalyptol, paraldehyde, camphor, and phenyl salicylate.
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The forewings were mounted on slides in Euparal and were later examined under a Wild MZ8 stereo microscope.
On the mount, genitalia are put in a small drop of Euparal after being rinsed in water and soaked in 100 % ethanol.
They were then transferred to Euparal Essence overnight at room temperature, prior to mounting in Euparal on microscope slides using 10 or 12 mm coverslips supported by small sections of 0.
Sections were counterstained with nuclear fast red, dehydrated through a series of ethanol solutions, and mounted in Euparal.
Phillipsburg, New Jersey) and mounted in Euparal (ASCO Laboratories, Manchester, England).
Collected adults and larvae were treated with NaOH to increase transparency, or untreated, dehydrated in EtOH, and mounted in euparal on slides.
Following 24 hours soaking in a solution of 2% pepsin in water acidified with HCl at room temperature, the organs were washed and placed in successive alcohol baths ending with a mixture of 96% alcohol and Euparal essence.
Genitalia slides were prepared following Clarke (1941), except that chlorazol black was used for staining and Euparal resin for permanent slide mounting.
Dissection and slide mounting methods for genitalia followed Clarke (1941), except preparations were stained in eosin and mounted in Euparal.
The genitalic preparations illustrated were made using the standard dissecting techniques and mounted in Euparal on glass slides.