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This complex formation and the appropriate binding of these and other transcription factors to the upstream region of the ovine IFNT gene results in a high level of ovine IFNT gene transcription during the pre-attachment period, when the region is maintained in the euchromatin state.
The nuclei of stage 7 oocytes were oval shaped, with lengths of 100 [micro]m, and contained mostly light blue-stained euchromatin (Fig.
The spermatogonium is a large, oval-shaped structure ranging from 5-7 [micro]m in diameter, and it contained a clear nucleus with small areas that stained light blue as a result of uncoiled euchromatin (Fig.
ariakensis hemocytes showed that some large hyalinocytes contained nuclei with abundant euchromatin and others contained nuclei with large clumps of heterochromatin.
This suggests that genome size variation is caused by other factors as well as by TEs in euchromatin.
Most cells were filled with secretion, and the nuclei were dilated with mostly euchromatin (Fig.
The large neurons had oval-shaped nuclei containing mostly euchromatin and long cytoplasmic processes, whereas the medium size neurons, which could be neuroseeretory cells, contained round nuclei with patches of heterochromatin and lack processes.
The large oval or pyrimidal shape neurons (about 10 x 20 [micro]m) contain the oval-shaped nuclei with complete euchromatin, and usually large nerve processes (Figs.
It has a round or oval nucleus that contains mostly euchromatin with a few blocks of heterochromatin (Figs.
The nucleus is oval and contains mostly pale-stained euchromatin.
These are: (1) the cuboidal cells with round nuclei with euchromatin and distinct nucleoli on the lateral side; (2) the tall columnar cells with round or oval nuclei located in the terminal epithelium; (3) the ciliated columnar ceils in the distal end of the filament; (4) the mucus cell with numerous dense granules packed tightly together in the apical cytoplasm (Fig.
The nucleus contains mostly euchromatin and small blocks of heterochromatin dispersed throughout (Fig.