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1. Synonym(s): orthochromatic
2. Characteristic of euchromatin.
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infestans (13), the chiasmata either do not form, or form less frequently, in the euchromatic regions adjacent to the heterochromatin segments.
20) International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium, "Initial Sequencing and Analysis of the Human Genome," Nature 409 (2001): 860-921; "Finishing the Euchromatic Sequence of the Human Genome," Nature 431 (2004): 931-45.
These "on-off" transcription states are due to differences in histone modification leading to the formation of accessable, euchromatic (on) or condensed, heterochromatic (off) states (29).
The main point that emerged from these findings is that the TE insertion site number on chromosome arms (the euchromatic copies) only contributes to ~5% to 9% of the observed genome size variation.
These cells are elongated in shape, and they contain euchromatic oval nuclei with many nucleoli (Figs.
Apart from B-chromosomes, both euchromatic and heterochromatic supernumerary chromosome segments have been shown to affect chromosome pairing especially in various insect species (e.