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Aikio, Ante (2006) "New and old Samoyed etymologies (Part 2)".
The subject of acronymic etymologies is addressed at several sites on the Web.
There are 24 definitions and 30 etymologies for words beginning with A, 35 definitions and 64 etymologies for words beginning with A or B, and 60 definitions and 82 etymologies for words beginning with the letters A through M.
Scots minister Alexander Murray approached the issue of original syllables from the opposite direction, starting not with etymologies but with the syllables.
Blazek's Uralic etymologies, but it seems to have influenced more seriously the Altaic than the Uralic part of the book.
The question arises: what about the other 885 pages of etymologies in Takacs' book?
However, each one of the individual vowel changes leading from the Proto-Uralic word to its Proto-Samoyed and Proto-Finno-Permic descendants is backed up by more than eight other etymologies.
Whether such a reconstruction is justified or not depends on the actual etymologies proposed.
One reason concerning the indeterminate character of these etymologies can certainly be found in E.
Using t he Post- 1974 counties as its terms of reference, it treats over 12,000 names, and, as one might expect from a specialist of Mills's calibre, most of its etymologies can be accepted without any further discussion.
Soukhanov and Senior Lexicographer David Jost include more than 30,500 etymologies plus several hundred word-histories, which tell how words enter a language, how they develop, and how they interact with history and culture.
Entries are alphabetically arranged and contain etymologies for the hundreds of words that Rowling invented.