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Subjected to, or characterized by, etiolation.
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0 buds per etiolated stem in a period of approximately 35 days, corresponding to approximately 1/3 of the cultivation period established in this work.
We measured carotenoid levels in attached etiolated rice leaves over several hours of exposure to light (Table 2) and, as has been previously observed (Barry et al.
These results correspond with the low weight and number of etiolated tillers reported earlier and agree with the low stand productivity and persistence in JeAS grazed paddocks (Mousel et al.
Conservatism is once more showing its resourcefulness in contrast to the etiolated prostration of the liberals, who can talk only about the deficit and higher taxes.
4 NO (Pablo Larrain) Having employed Tarkovsky-era Russian camera lenses to achieve the etiolated lighting of Post Mortem, Larrain completes his Pinochet trilogy by shooting a supremely nuanced account of the 1988 Chilean referendum campaign in U-matic murk.
The early time course of the inhibition of stem growth of etiolated pea seedling by fluorescent light.
Some ESTs in both cDNA libraries matched with sequences from stress induced cDNA libraries, including stress factors of pathogens, ABA, drought, salt, cold, acid treatment, etiolated, irradiated, and phosphate-free culture.
An etiolated first act gives way to an overheated second one, and still you can practically heat' the audience breathing a collective sigh of relief: At last, a play that, whatever its flaws, talks up to the spectator, even if the talk is in the end more repetitive and less resonant than one expected.
The ability of selected rhizobacteria to reduce the concentration of ethylene was confirmed by performing classical triple response bioassay in etiolated pea seedlings.
Vierkants work epitomizes an art etiolated by software rather than by discourse.
In the stages of rooting, etiolated or non-etiolated shoots of A.
Turfgrasses become weakened, etiolated, and have enhanced susceptibility to disease under shade; therefore, management of turfgrass in shade environments is challenging to turf professionals.