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The monovalent radical, CH3CH2O-.
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5, and the weight ratio of the alkyl ethoxy sulfate surfactant to the sum of the weights of betaine surfactant and hydroxysultaine surfactant is in the range from 0.
With two equivalents of 2-ethylhexanol per ethoxy group on the polymer, the Mooney viscosity increased from 35.
INCI name: Mica (and) silica (and) water (and) ethoxy diglycol (and) barium sulthte (and) peat extract (and) palmitoyl hexapeptide14 (and) gold (and) hydrolyzed wheat protein (and) phenoxyethanol (and) caprylyl glycol (and) potassium sorbate (and) hexylene glycol
Si 266 is a symmetrically built disulfide silane with ethoxy substituents on the silica-active sites.
00 (Butylene glycol (and) water and ethoxy diglycol (and) musa sapientum (banana) flower extract (and) centella asiatica extract) Trigogenine (Solabia) 3.
The generated--OH group in turn may undergo etherification reactions with other epoxy groups or undergo dealcoholization reactions with ethoxy groups in DEP molecules.
This silane (TESPT) possesses tetrasulfane and ethoxy reactive groups.
INCI name: dimethicone, caprylyl dimethicone ethoxy glucoside
Each TEOS molecule contains four ethoxy groups, therefore undergoing hydrolysis and condensation to form silica almost completely.
It can be seen that the decomposed ethoxy groups of the coupling agent would be bonded with curing accelerator in sample A, the curing accelerator is not as effective, and the mechanical and thermal properties decrease.
The ethoxy group of the TEOS and VTES hydrolyze and condense in the ethanol/water media under catalysis of the ammonia solution.
Silanol groups at the edges of the platelets of montmorillonite clay and ethoxy group of TESPT interact with the release of ethanol to provide the chemical anchorage, whilst the sulfur bonds itself to the rubber chain.