ethnographic studies

ethnographic studies, methods of qualitative research developed by anthropologists, in which the researcher attends to and inter-prets communication while participating in the research context.
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Broadly speaking, our work has engaged the study of various facets of American Jewish experiences, but all of us have in common an abiding interest in grounding our ethnographic studies in their deep and complex historical roots.
Ethnographic studies about the lives of young people and their transition into adulthood point to diversity of ideas about childhood in different parts of the world, raising questions about whether the idea of universal child rights can accommodate such varied worldviews.
The subjects covered are based on rich ethnographic studies mostly in South Africa but also elsewhere in Africa.
Examples from two ethnographic studies illustrate how reflection is essential in order to perceive the truth of others.
First, ethnographic studies have suggested that black students are less inclined to try hard in school because their peers may view academic effort as characteristic of "acting white:' Measures of persistence--how far students go in school--will of course miss the more subtle forms of academic effort, Nevertheless, the fact that blacks stay in school at least as long as whites from similar socioeconomic backgrounds seems inconsistent with the idea that the youth culture of blacks is much more anti-academic than that of whites.
Examples of some cross-cutting areas for research are ethnographic studies and other areas of social science, particularly to address health systems and appropriate interventions within a given society or group, and research focusing on gender and socioeconomic factors in the etiology and treatment of the disorders to be addressed.
Thus, this work--one of only a few ethnographic studies of violence prevention programs in schools--links previous quantitative research on the topic and critical ethnography.
This book is important to missiology because we have so few ethnographic studies of Christianity in the Pacific, which is purported to be the most Christianized part of the globe.
Knauft points out that ethnographic studies of simple, foraging societies still in existence--such as Australian aborigines and African pygmies -- run counter to Hamilton's argument, suggesting instead that genuine altruism may have appeared early in human evolution under roughly comparable conditions.
Social scientists from Intel's Digital Health Group conducted ethnographic studies of clinicians using the MCA at each hospital to understand the platform's usage, usefulness and usability in the context of real clinical work practice.
of Illinois) present ethnographic studies of contemporary Central America that emphasize local responses to four interrelated themes: democracy, security, multiculturalism, and neoliberalism.
Within any particular qualitative study, sampling often may represent an iterative process, as is particularly the case in grounded theory and ethnographic studies.