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/eth·no·bot·a·ny/ (-bot´ah-ne) the systematic study of the interactions between a culture and the plants in its environment, particularly the knowledge about and use of such plants.


Herbal medicine
The field of alternative healthcare that formally studies the relationship between plants and a population, in particular the medicinal use of plants by an ethnic group. The ethonobotanical approach to drug discovery is more efficient than random searches for plant-derived agents of therapeutic interest; drugs so discovered include aspirin (Filipendula ulmaria), codeine (Papaver somniferum), ipecac (Psychotria ipecacuanha), pilocarpine (Pilocarpus jaborandi), reserpin (Rauvolfia serpentina), theophylline (Camelia sinensis) and vinblastine (Cantharanthus roseus).


(ethnō-botă-nē )
A study of the role of plants in the life of early humankind.

ethnobotany (ethˈ·nō·bˑ·t·nē),

n study of how societies perceive and categorize plants and use them for food, medicine, and ritual.
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He learned a great deal from his mother, whom he describes as an ethnobotanist who was able to identify and collect plants to use as food and medicine for her children and the family's animals.
James Wong and the Malaysian Garden (BBC Two, 8pm) IN THIS one-off programme, ethnobotanist and garden designer James Wong travels to Malaysia in search of inspiration for his Chelsea Flower Show entry.
Davis is at his most absorbing when he draws on his training as an ethnobotanist and anthropologist, revealing and interpreting for us the intricacies of the many cultures he knows intimately from his travels.
Saif Al Hatmi, ethnobotanist at the project, said, "It is not easy to look after a tree that is a 100 years old
Ethnobotanist James Wong is back, trying to come up with a cure to eczema, insomnia and the common cold with just the help of your domestic plants .
Grow Your Own Drugs BBC2, 8pm Now into his second series of the show, ethnobotanist James Wong continues his mission to enlighten us about the magic of the natural world, and how familiar plants can be turned into simple natural remedies that can help us to ease the symptoms of minor aliments including coughs, colds, eczema and insomnia.
This is actually a series tracking ethnobotanist and gardener James Wong, who looks at the remedies that can be found in flowers and plants.
Ethnobotanist James Wong demonstrates how to transform familiar plants into natural remedies for minor ailments.
The long list of contributors to the volume includes a development/ policy analyst studying the gendered treatment of water provision with ActionAid Nepal; an anthropologist and an ethnobotanist discussing the problems associated with the lack of water and its effect on the needs of the sick from HIV/AIDS in South Africa; and a social development consultant detailing the challenges faced by NGOs attempting to incorporate gender treatment into water projects.
University of Arizona ethnobotanist Nabhan was intensely curious about these questions--and about the exploits of the man he credits with first traveling the world to find the genetic birthplace of the foods we depend upon.
Tales of Shaman's Apprentice: an ethnobotanist searches for new medicines in the Amazon rain forest.