ethics committee

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a body of people delegated to perform some function.
ethics committee a group of individuals formed to protect the interests of patients and address moral issues. It normally includes a board member of the institution, a lay person, and an administrator. A member of the clergy may also be included, as well as an ethicist if one is available. Most ethics committees work in an advisory capacity; they can help patients and families reach informed decisions and work with health care providers in order to make complex and difficult decisions. The ethics committee often reviews hospital policies and procedures for potential problems and may also reduce the potential for litigation against the institution.
A multidisciplinary hospital body composed of a broad spectrum of personnel—e.g., physicians, nurses, social workers, priests, and others—which addresses the moral and ethical issues within the hospital

ethics committee

A multidisciplinary hospital body composed of a broad spectrum of personnel–eg, physicians, nurses, social workers, priests, and others, which addresses the moral and ethical issues within the hospital. See DNR, Institutional review board.
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At the conclusion of an investigation, each ethics committee member is furnished with an investigation summary.
In these situations, the consultant or the ethics committee chairman will call together the available members of the committee for an emergency meeting to discuss a difficult case or issue.
Proposed Advisory Opinions to be Considered by the Professional Ethics Committee
FIFA said in a statement: "The FIFA ethics committee will meet on July 22 and 23 to examine the cases of Mohamed bin Hammam, Debbie Minguell and Jason Sylvester, who were provisionally suspended by the ethics committee on May 29, 2011, in relation to an alleged breach of the FIFA code of ethics and the FIFA disciplinary code.
Yesterday, FIFA confirmed that its ethics committee procedures of which I was a subject had been discontinued.
Bin Hammam withdrew as a candidate against Sepp Blatter on the morning of his ethics committee hearing on May 29.
According to FIFA's ethics committee, a sum of over 1 million dollars was involved in the bribery scandal.
This is not acceptable as the FIFA Ethics Committee is supposed to be a fully independent body," bin Hammam said.
I have been referred to the ethics committee based on evidence which was strong enough in the views of the FIFA general secretary for such procedure,'' Hammam said.
The Ethics Committee considered that a provisional suspension was required while the investigation continues, taking into account the gravity of the case and the likelihood that a breach of the FIFA Code of Ethics and the FIFA Disciplinary Code has been committed, it said.
A complaint against Blatter by Bin Hammam that he knew about the $40,000 payments to Caribbean Football Union officials was rejected by the ethics committee.
Blatter was accused by Bin Hammam of knowing about the payments and not reporting them, but he told the ethics committee he had warned Warner that any such payments were not appropriate.

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