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Conversion of an alcohol into an ether.
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The extracted cellulose from PKC was then converted to CMC in two steps, alkalization and etherification of cellulose under heterogeneous conditions.
The efficiency of the etherification (f) was 77% which was calculated from Eq.
Similar phenomena were also reported previously for epoxy systems with carboxyl or anhydride curing agents (27), (26), in which the first peak was attributed to estcrification reaction between epoxy groups and carboxyl groups, and the second to the etherification reaction of epoxy groups with hydroxyl groups, which were generated from the first reaction.
The etherification side reactions give water and products having diethylene glycol end groups (Reaction 3) or diethylene glycol and carboxylic acid end groups (Reaction 4) (13).
Many types of reactions have been reported including the monoesterification and transesterification reactions of carboxylic acids (6-8), decarboxylation-induced crosslink reaction (9), imide ring-opening reaction (10-12), graft crosslink with etherification reaction (4), (13), ultra violet crosslink (14-16), acetylenes of a Diels-Alder-type cycloaddition reaction (17-19), and crosslink using dendrimer (20), (21).
Etherification reactions (3) and (4) with a glycol (HO--A--OH) yield polymers with dimeric end groups and water formation or result in ether formation and polymers with carboxylic end groups.
The generated--OH group in turn may undergo etherification reactions with other epoxy groups or undergo dealcoholization reactions with ethoxy groups in DEP molecules.
Modification of cellulosic fibers by etherification enhances certain new ranges of properties and makes it more useful and acceptable in diversified applications (83).
The presence of nanoclay facilitates the curing reaction, especially the etherification reaction (as opposed to the initial epoxy-amine reaction).
However, etherification is insignificant for stoichiometric mixtures.
However, the third type of reaction in epoxy curing (the etherification reaction) and the observed deviation of the model at a high level of conversion have been attributed to gelation [22-27].