estrogen receptor negative

oestrogen receptor negative

adjective Referring to breast cancer cells that lack a receptor to which estrogens can attach; ERN cancers usually have a worse prognosis, as they tend not to respond to anti-oestrogen therapy.

estrogen receptor negative

Oncology Breast CA cells without a receptor to which estrogens can attach; this is associated with an poorer prognosis as the CA usually doesn't respond to antiestrogen therapy. See Estrogen receptor.

Patient discussion about estrogen receptor negative

Q. I was in the ER because of a chest pain and the doctor there said its costochondritis. What does it mean? I am a 42 years old man. Last night i went to the ER because of a chest pain. The doctors there did many test and in the end they said its costochondritis. What does it mean? Can someone elaborate about the risk factors that can cause this symptom?

A. It seems that you are suffering from a traumatic injury to the skeleton that is near the heart which is called costochondritis. It can be a result of a simple trauma to the area or (as in my case, I am a rower) due to repetitive use of the muscles of the thorax and arms

Q. my husband is having trouble with him stomach or something. the e.r. doctor say's it's an infection in colan

A. hmm.. if it is an infection, then your doctor will surely give him antibiotics to cure that.
meanwhile don't be panic, if the symptoms don't go away, feel free to consult those with your doctor there.

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Breast cancers with brain metastases are more likely to be estrogen receptor negative, express the basal cytokeratin CK5/6, and overexpress HER2 or EGFR.
Estrogen receptor negative (ER-) breast cancer accounts for 15-20% of breast cancers and is more common in African American and Asian women.
It was found that GI, GL and carbohydrate intake were not related to BC among pre menopausal women, however among post menopausal women GL and carbohydrate intake were significantly associated with an increased risk of estrogen receptor negative BC.
The study was designed to compare expression profiles between two estrogen receptor positive and estrogen receptor negative breast cancer FFPE specimens that were 7-8 years old.
This finding is consistent with the clinical observation that estrogen receptor negative breast-cancer patients have more aggressive tumors.
For now, a postmenopausal woman who has been diagnosed with breast cancer that is estrogen receptor negative should consider adopting a low-fat diet after speaking with her physician," Dr.
Geyer said the finding underscores the need to further study the role of induced amenorrhea, and ultimately to consider a future randomized clinical trial evaluating ovarian suppression as a specific intervention in premenopausal women with estrogen receptor negative breast cancers.
Poultry intake was associated with estrogen receptor negative and progesterone receptor negative tumors.
The results of the study, published in the International Journal of Cancer, describe the potential molecular mechanisms mediating the selective pro-apoptotic (cell death) effect induced by BN107 on estrogen receptor negative (ER-) breast cancer cells.
Although the proportion of estrogen receptor-positive tumors amenable to tamoxifen therapy climbed with age, even among the oldest patients fully 20% of tumors were estrogen receptor negative (Crit.
The consistency of the association with breast-feeding and estrogen receptor negative tumours across a number of studies is particularly noteworthy as there have been few modifiable risk factors identified for this tumor subtype," said Mary Beth Terry, PhD, associate professor of Epidemiology and senior author of the paper.
Results of these studies indicate HE2100 inhibited human breast tumor cell proliferation in both estrogen receptor positive and estrogen receptor negative cells.

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