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estoppel (estop´əl),

n a preclusion, in law, that prevents a person from alleging or denying a fact because of his or her own previous act or allegation.
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between promissory estoppel and waiver is not entirely clear in the
The court worried that giving statutory summary suspensions the effect of collateral estoppel would raise the procedural bar in those hearings to the level of an official adjudication in a court room.
Another way in which courts have improperly expanded the federal policy favoring arbitration to give non-signatories broader rights to enforce arbitration clauses than other contract provisions is through the doctrine of equitable estoppel.
As mentioned, cause of action estoppel is also liable to cause parties to include possible claims that they may be unwilling to forgo but are simultaneously hesitant to press, which can also result in increased costs of litigation, both private and public.
It also generated dozens of articles addressing whether the Court of Appeals intended to create coverage by estoppel in New York.
The state's high court reversed the promissory estoppel portion of the judgment because the negligence claim, including the jury's assessment of comparative negligence, was a remedy.
Thus, in the civil RICO context, even though the four-year period accrues and four years pass, one of two doctrines, grounded in equity, can save the claim for relief from time-barfing: (1) equitable estoppel and (2) equitable tolling.
Generally speaking, ex parte reexamination does not carry with it the estoppel issues that the other two types of review do.
This estoppel applies to later proceedings before the PTO, the International Trade Commission or the courts.
Statewide, the cigarette companies have tried unsuccessfully to confuse the definitional distinction between res judicata and collateral estoppel.
Defendant) has raised the defense of equitable estoppel.
Indeed, an unfavorable workers' compensation ruling against a plaintiff could be used as a vehicle to get summary judgment through the doctrine of "collateral estoppel.