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estoppel (estop´əl),

n a preclusion, in law, that prevents a person from alleging or denying a fact because of his or her own previous act or allegation.
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Under libertarian law Y now has a right to recover restitution and impose punishment, with X being estopped from asserting his own rights against Y to a proportionate extent.
the Court estopped the defendant from relying on the limitations and
third party requesters will only be estopped from making arguments that
Notice that estoppel of the sort involved in the defense of entrapment by estoppel only makes sense when the agent who is estopped from acting is the same one who was earlier committed not to so acting.
SCO also stated that: "The General Public License is unenforceable, void and/or voidable, and IBM's claims based thereon, or related thereto, are barred," and that: "The GPL is selectively enforced by the Free Software Foundation such that enforcement of the GPL by IBM or others is waived, estopped or otherwise barred as a matter of equity.
In essence it means that if you promise somebody something, and they rely on that promise to their detriment, you are estopped or prevented from going back on your word.
221) Brodie and the Sausens also argued that Schick and Venture Mortgage Fund were estopped from asserting a usury defense because they relied on a "special relationship" with Schick when he induced them to lend him the money.
The trial court dismissed this case for failure to allege a material element of manslaughter, specifically, that defendant killed a living human being, and the State's second indictment alleging that the defendant killed "a living human being, Kandy Renae Greer, a viable but unborn female child" was dismissed as collaterally estopped by the first attempt.
LEGAL COMMENTARY: Although finding the continuous treatment doctrine unavailing to the plaintiffs, the Supreme court denied the defendant's motion on the ground that HHC was equitably estopped from raising the untimeliness of the plaintiffs' notice because it had waited until the ten-year infancy limitations applicable in New York had expired before brining the motion.
The Herzberger court also held that the employer was not estopped from denying benefits because it had supported Herzberger's application for Social Security disability benefits.
60) Generally, a principal may be estopped from denying the authority of his agent if:
The fifth circuit held that her application for, or receipt of, disability benefits created a rebuttable presumption that a recipient of such benefits is estopped from pursuing an ADA claim.