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Any nontrivial statistical procedure that assigns to an unknown quantity (parameter) a plausible value on the basis of appropriate and pertinent data collected in a proper random sample.
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The optimum phase rotation for a given frequency offset [epsilon] can be obtained by performing the pilot based CFO estimation at the receiver.
For geostatistical estimation, it is needed to determine estimation parameters according to data distribution, spatial structure and estimation strategy.
Thirteen students mentioned that they had experience with measurement and estimation through school.
The acquiring corporation may exclude from its survey sample any shareholders the basis of whose stock is determined under the revenue procedure's statistical sampling method, or registered or nominee shareholders that are not reporting shareholders and the basis of whose target corporation stock is determined under the estimation methods prescribed in the revenue procedure.
The linkage between estimation and teaching is a crucial issue in educational processes in all ages and domains, including literacy education for school beginners.
In [6] [7], a semi-blind channel estimation approach employing orthogonal pilot maximum likelihood (OPML) estimator has been proposed.
Figures in the above table may not sum due to rounding Galaxy Managing Director, Mr Iggy Tan said the new reserve estimation shows a high conversion rate from "resource" to "reserve" tonnage based on the excellent economics relating to value adding of lithium carbonate production.
There are primarily two approaches to empirical estimation of term structure.
Also, efforts to convert to the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) have contributed to the need for unique estimation procedures.
MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE: Platelet counts by two slide estimation methods and by an automated reference method.
3) Determine the WBC estimation factor (conversion factor) of each sample.