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For example, a mathematical model for disease transmission fitted to available data can provide estimates of R (1).
Generally, estimates have to be well-reasoned and based on all available information.
Issues relating to estimates and judgments in the financial reporting process should be discussed.
Based on more than 40 years of experience and after the thousands of demolition estimates I have prepared, ranging from $500 to $30 million.
Others, however, believe that historical cost provides a more useful measure because it more clearly represents the economics of business performance and because fair value estimates may not be reliable or verifiable.
For example, if a sample of size 300 achieves 10-percent relative precision on the 100-percent deductible amount using standard statistical estimates, the sample size might jump to 800 or 1,000 to achieve 10-percent relative precision, calculated as specified in the revenue procedure on the amount that moves to 100-percent deductible.
Still more recently, it has been suggested that, the use of GAMs to analyze time-series data results in air pollution risk estimates being biased upward and that concurvity in the rime-series data results in standard error estimates being biased downward.
Researchers first align the signals based on estimates of time translation errors, determined from a cross-correlation analysis of all possible pairs of signals.
Fair value estimates differ from other accounting estimates because when market prices are not available management must estimate fair value using an "appropriate" approach and assumptions that reflect those that individuals in the marketplace would make.
During the trial period, National Park Service personnel completed more than 200,000 estimates ranging from single campgrounds to an entire newly planned visitors center.
Total exposure estimates could reach as high as $4 billion for insurers.
Portland, Oregon has studied the effects of overestimating emissions and realized the benefits of critically evaluating its emission estimates.