estimated average glucose

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estimated average glucose

Abbreviation: eAG
An average glucose value derived from and based upon the hemoglobin A1c value.

Patient care

Like the A1c, the eAG provides an estimate of blood glucose levels during the two to three months preceding the test. It is used to help patients understand how their A1c levels, measured as the percent of hemoglobin molecules that are sugarcoated, would translate into daily capillary blood glucose values. An A1c of 7%, for example, translates into an eAG of 154 mg/dL; an A1c of 9% suggests that a patient's average blood glucose in the past few months was 212 mg/dL. Because the eAG value matches the units that patients see when they test their own glycemic levels, it may be more readily understandable and a better tool for communicating to patients how to control their blood sugar levels than the A1c test.

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