esthetic zone

esthetic zone,

n the visible area seen upon full smile, including the teeth, gingiva, and lips.
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The combination of Keystone's portfolio of industry-proven biomaterials and dental implants with Southern's unique dental implant systems for both the esthetic zone and molar regions provides the merged company with a greatly expanded product range for the dental implant community.
The sloped design lets the implant adapt to the anatomy rather than letting the anatomy adapt to the implant design; this works particularly well for placement in the esthetic zone," says Professor Dr.
Other subject covered include decision making following extraction of multi-rooted maxillary teeth, decision making in the treatment of furcated mandibular molars, alveolar bone preservation following tooth extraction in the esthetic zone, immediate implant placement in single tooth sites, and rehabilitation of the edentulous maxillary jaw using dental implant therapy.
Saving compromised teeth in the esthetic zone with periodontal treatments also can have unfavorable cosmetic results, according to Minichetti.
1: Implant therapy in the esthetic zone, single-tooth replacements.