established patient

es·tab·lish·ed pa·tient

(es-tab'lisht pā'shĕnt)
Denotes someone who has been seen by a physician or member of a health care group within a 3-year period.
See also: EIN
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To assure the highest level of patient care, it is especially important for all dental assistants, as well as all other members of the clinical dental team, to assure competency in pediatric radiation dosing by following established patient selection criteria and all ALARA principles.
An established patient in Houston waited less than 48 hours for a primary care appointment, while one seeking specialty care in San Antonio could see a doctor in a single day - the best in the Lone Star State.
Depending on whether you are a new or established patient, visits may be quick," Apgood says.
The dangers of giving advice over the phone to an established patient are many, let alone to someone we have never met.
She may spend 30 minutes with an established patient and up to 90 minutes with a new one.
An established patient who is seen by the physician without procedures.
31 for an established patient office visit of similar complexity.
On average, physicians spent 34 minutes with a new patient and 20 minutes with an established patient.
Nuclear Regulatory Commission reviewed the Company's low dose rate radiation breast brachytherapy treatment and unanimously agreed that it did not have a material concern about radiation exposure provided established patient release criteria are followed by physicians.
An office visit to provide reassurance to an established patient with an irritated skin tag would be code 99212.
Specifically, based upon its investigation of this matter, the United States alleges that between February, 1997 and December 1999, ARBOUR ELDER SERVICES submitted claims to Medicare for services such as nursing facility assessment for a new or established patient, subsequent nursing facility care, and pharmacological management.