established cell line

es·tab·lished cell line

cells that demonstrate the potential for indefinite subculture in vitro.
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In the present study, we used the combined methods of cell viability, microorganism detection, chromosome analysis, isoenzyme analysis and fluorescent protein genes transfection to detect the established cell line.
2) HeLa cells are an established cell line used in medical research.
Part II Breeding CO2 Incubators established cell lines and primary cells of mammalian
Key findings: -- TLK58747 inhibited the growth of nine established cell lines of various tumor types and retained its effectiveness against cancer cell lines resistant to standard cancer chemotherapeutics including adriamycin, paclitaxel, and carboplatin.
A variety of primary cells and established cell lines support the replication of flaviviruses: Green monkey (Veto), hamster (BHK-21), human (SW-13, HeLa), porcine (PS), and mosquito cell lines, as well as primary chicken and duck embryo cells have been used for flavivirus isolation and propagation in routine diagnostic applications.
Proteomic Analysis of Primary and Established Cell Lines for the Investigation of Renal Cell Carcinoma (Craven and Banks)
Despite all we have learned about oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes in multistep progression to cancer, the possible trace of "oncogenic" DNA in vaccines prepared in established cell lines remained of greater concern to regulators than adventitious infections in primary cells.
Tim Barder, President of Eprogen described the technique, "Simply stated, we take well established cell lines or tissue samples for a particular cancer (disease) of interest, lyse them and, after a 2D liquid phase separation using ProteoSep, we print microarrays on Gentel slides of the ~1000 discrete fractions containing subsets of the 'intact' proteins fractionated from the lysate.
This US patent, #6,566,118, covers any AAV manufacturing system in which vector particles are released into the cell culture medium, including established cell lines, transiently transfected cells, adherent cell culture systems and suspension cell culture systems.
Availability of expression profiles of targets in human tissues, cancer tissues, established cell lines and primary cell cultures
The results of this study are encouraging and have led us to initiate a second trial employing an approach where the vaccine components are derived from established cell lines and not from individual patient cells.
34 Different molecular functions of target - 13 Major signalling pathways - Cancer stem cells - Conjugated antibodies - Therapeutic effects: Anti-angiogenesis, Apoptosis and Protein Kinase Inhibition - 31 Targeted cancer indications - Availability of expression profiles of targets in human tissues, cancer tissues, established cell lines and primary cell cultures - Antibody therapeutic companies