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essential element


mineral element

an element without which normal growth and reproduction cannot take place. In plants, there are seven major essential elements: nitrogen, phosphorus, sulphur, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron. There are also TRACE ELEMENTS required in much smaller quantities, for example, manganese, boron, chlorine. Animals also have requirements for elements, the list being quite similar to that for plants.
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The visualization layer is an essential element to getting the value from any KPI-based monitoring system.
The relationship between Jude and Jing-Wei is also an essential element in this successful adventure story, as they struggle to understand each other and as they discover for themselves how special their love is.
There are few meaningful work opportunities for women offenders, an essential element in their preparation for reintegration into the community.
One essential element is good relations with neighbouring countries and between the different ethnic communities inside their own borders.
An essential element for quantifying the measurement is a detailed model of how the microscope interacts with the junction during imaging.
As an essential element of this letter of intent, a 50/50 joint venture is to be set up in Japan by the end of the year.
Effective communication, another essential element, requires trust.
Communication is the essential element in any professional or personal relationship.
Further, he said the projects lacked an essential element of an experimental process--some degree of technological uncertainty at the outset about whether the programs would work--as contrasted with whether they would produce the anticipated economic benefits.
The Kurtzke scale is an essential element in the gold standard needed to test a new MS treatment -- the double-blind randomized clinical trial.
An essential element in maintaining HUSCO's position as a leading worldwide supplier of hydraulic controls," Ramirez added, "is the partnerships established with key suppliers who recognize the demands of the international marketplace.

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