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A radiographic record of contrast esophagography or barium swallow.
Synonym(s): esophagogram

barium swallow

A technique in which a radiocontrast “milkshake” of barium sulfate is swallowed to detect benign or malignant lesions of the pharynx, oesophagus, stomach and small intestine and evaluate the integrity of the swallowing mechanism; the progress of the barium is followed radiographically to detect filling defects—e.g., places where a normal outline of barium should be seen but is not.
Detection of foreign bodies, strictures, tumours, Barrett’s oesophagus, fistulas, reflux; definitive diagnosis of lesions requires endoscopic biopsy.


Barium swallow GI disease A series of x-rays of the esophagus taken after the Pt drinks a barium solution, which coats and outlines the esophagus


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2) The radiologic appearance of an ERF on esophagram is classic, with contrast seen anomalously extravasating into the upper respiratory tract.
A barium esophagram may reveal nonspecific dysmotility or stricture.
It may be reasonable to rule out EP with a Gastrografin esophagram.
On postoperative day 6, when she was afebrile with a normal white count and an esophagram showed no evidence of a leak, her nasogastric tube was removed (Figure 5).
An esophagram indicated that food particles were dispersed throughout the esophagus and that the esophagus was not completely clearing the barium used in the esophagram.
Gastroesophageal reflux disease: integrating the barium esophagram before and after antireflux surgery.
Methods: Ambulatory patients presenting with swallowing complaints were evaluated by history and physical examination, speech therapy evaluation, dynamic barium oropharyngeal swallowing study, and barium esophagram plus upper endoscopy.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Supraesophageal reflux may be best diagnosed with a custom-designed videofluoroscopic oropharyngeal esophagram, JoAnne Robbins, Ph.
If the standing x-ray is negative and the clinical presentation continues to suggest perforation, an esophagram and/or chest CT scan should then be considered.
Barium esophagram showed thickened mucosa with a few short sinus tracts.
A fluoroscopic esophagram performed with water soluble contrast is the diagnostic procedure of choice in patients with suspected perforation of the esophagus.