Johann F.A. von, German surgeon, 1823-1908. See: Esmarch bandage.


/es·march/ (es´mark) Esmarch's bandage.


having to do with Johann Esmarch, a 19th century German surgeon.

E's bandage
an India rubber bandage applied upward around (from the distal part to the proximal) a part in order to expel blood from it; the part is often elevated as the elastic pressure is applied.
Esmarch plaster shears, scissors
see plaster shears.
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Exsanguination is done by Esmarch bandage and proximal cuff is inflated till the pressure is 100mmHg above the preoperative assessment systolic blood pressure of that patient.
When a tourniquet was used, the leg was exsanguinated with an Esmarch bandage, and the tourniquet was inflated to 250 to 300 mmHg.
Phelps graduated from Michigan University (1873), and practiced orthopedic surgery in Germany, under Schede, Esmarch, Volkman, Billroth and Thiersch [30].
Hacia 1877, Friedrich von Esmarch popularizo la maniobra de subluxacion del maxilar inferior para permeabilizar la via aerea tal y como hoy la conocemos (3).
Man kann in diesem Zusammenhang an seine Erlebnisse mit dem Tod seiner ersten Frau Constanze Esmarch im Jahre 1865 und dem Tod seines altesten Sohns Hans im Jahr 1886 denken.
Clot below the inguinal ligament is usually removed by applying an Esmarch bandage or the judicious use of a Fogarty catheter introduced in a retrograde fashion.
The extremity being operated on was exsanguinated with an Esmarch bandage and the pneumatic tourniquet inflated to a pressure of 450 mmHg.
Se realiza en procedimiento ambulatorio con anestesia local (clohidrato de mepivacaina al 2%) mediante bloqueo en "H" de Frost (22) e isquemia con manguito neumatico en la pantorrilla, previa exanguinacion del miembro con cinta de Esmarch (29).
contact pads, head straps rubber tourniquets, esmarch bandages rubber,
Se debe realizar una ligadura con tubo de Esmarch a la altura del metatarso/carpo.
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