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A glucoside from horse-chestnut bark; used as a sun block.
[L. aesculus, the Italian oak]


n a glucoside from horse-chestnut bark; used as a sunburn protective.

esculin, aesculin

a hydroxycoumarin glycoside found in the bark of Aesculus spp. Together with ferric citrate, it is used in a broth for the identification of some bacteria which cause hydrolysis and a color change. Also causes animal poisoning; see aesculus.
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In nature, horse-chestnut tree bark has an esculin content of three percent.
1% esculin (Soriano, Fernandez Roblas, Calvo, & Garcia Calvo, 1998), previously adjusted to the 0.
All isolates were confirmed as enterococci [grew on enterococcosel agar (BBL), were catalase negative, hydrolyzed esculin, grew in 6% NaCl broth, and grew at 44.
Jeannette Bjerre showed how a novel so-called chemzyme was able to decompose glycoside esculin, a toxin found in horse-chestnuts.
Biochemical testing of the organism will then reveal bile esculin positivity, PYRase negativity and no growth at 45 degree Celcius in NaCl (22,23).
5- The streaking were made on different selective agar media "trypticase soy agar with serum horse + bacitracin and vancomycin, TSBV) [7], Bacteroides bile esculin agar [8] and nonselective aerobic and anaerobic (Brucella agar and blood agar) and identify the bacteria found in these different clinical entities [9].
were re-identified biochemically to species level by using 14 tests chosen from those described by Altwegg (Altwegg, 1999) and were: indole, gas from glucose, arginine dihydrolase, lysine decarboxylase and ornithine decarboxylase by the Moeller's method, esculin hydrolysis, Voges-Proskauer test, acid production from L-arabinose, lactose, sucrose, salicin, m-inositol, D-manitol and the h-hemolysine.
5 per cent NaCl, survive at 60[degrees]C for 30 min and hydrolyse esculin (3).
In confirmation tests, an aliquot of each isolate was then transferred to: (1) Bile Esculin Agar (BEA) and incubated at 35[degrees]C, (2) BHI broth and incubated at 45[degrees]C and (3) BHI broth with 6.
Isolates were chosen for further study based on gram stain results, and Triple Sugar Iron and bile esculin biochemical tests.
Polish brand Lirene went even further with shower products that form steps one and two in a four-step anti-cellulite routine thanks to ingredients such as green coffee, Paraguayan ilex, caffeine and esculin.
Its morphology can easily be confused with other gram-positive bacilli, diphtheroids and Enterococcus organisms; moreover, biochemical tests like the bile esculin test and the salt tolerance test give positive results in both L monocytogenes and Enterococcus species infections.