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Help us prevent this man and woman from escaping or raising an outcry that will bring others to their aid.
He added that workers sometimes escaped because of bad treatment or because they had not been paid their salary on time, but "workers should know that escaping is not the solution for them.
Martin said he uses his escapes as a metaphor for escaping eternal death through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.
WHEN DISCUSSING BREAKOUTS on a BGA, the traditional pattern for the escape routes is what I call North South East West (NSEW), as shown in FIGURE 1, with the traces escaping from the center of the BGA in all four directions on each layer.
They want to hear the story of how he stole that Fochwolf 190 fighter plane from the German airfield at the end of World War II after escaping from the Stalag Luft 1 POW camp, flying to freedom in Holland after 16 months in captivity.
News stories include detailed information, usually provided by correctional authorities at the time of the incident, about the dates and times of escapes, the number of inmates involved, escapee background, the means employed in escaping, whether anyone was injured in the course of the escape, behavior of staff during the incident, how soon escapees were captured, and other salient, qualitative information.
Patrick McCormick wonders whether there's any escaping this American obsession.
In all four there is a notion of escaping to new space or clearing new space.
The new Escape-IT(TM) personal fire escape kit provides users with critical items to aid them in escaping and surviving fire emergencies in a compact kit that fits almost anywhere.
Escaping the neighbors - Forty percent said their neighbors were the ones they most wanted to get away from, the boss, 34 percent and immediate family members, 32 percent.
Simply practicing how to go about escaping can make the difference between life and death if fire strikes your home.
When the racially mixed Ellen Craft faces spectators, the tassel and tartan that decorate her outfit are emblems that her white skin, her means of escaping bondage, is ironically a consequence of systematic rape, that catalyst of amalgamation that the system of enslavement trivialized and ignored.