SOS repair

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SOS re·pair

a system that repairs severely damaged bases in DNA by base excision and replacement, even if there is no template to guide base selection. This process is a last resort for repair and is often the cause of mutations.
Synonym(s): error-prone repair
An error-prone repair system that functions when E coli’s DNA is damaged by bond-breaking physical agents, thymine starvation, toxins, chemicals—e.g., mitomycin C—and UV light
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Scientists from NATO member countries introduce new theoretical developments and instrumentation for the non-invasive sensing and imaging of damage in vegetation related to stress from ultraviolet light; identify the cell biological hazards of ultraviolet radiation coupled with other environmental stresses; and examine how ultraviolet light may relate to the production of nitric oxide by plants in terms of DNA damage, error-prone repair cell cycles, and the multiple mechanisms of programmed cell death.
The radiation need not be lethal, but may instead induce episodes of intense mutational damage and error-prone repair, leading to intriguingly different evolution than what is found on Earth.
Error-prone repair of this damage leads to the mutations that initiate breast, prostate, and other types of cancer.

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