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An error—errata is the plural—identified in a printed periodical which indicates that a substantial error was identified in the work
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The wisdom of online errata aside, one might still quibble with an editorial policy for a modern edition of a complete works that does not scrupulously apply parentheses to editorial accidentals, whether cautionary (such as op.
Many payers are just now beginning to test 5010 with the Errata version.
Check all areas of the manual for errata information and follow-up.
The presence of errata, an "Omissa" sheet, some curious punctuation, and other problems render the text itself unstable, and several crucial passages unclear as to their meaning.
A spokesman for Edexcel said an errata notice was sent out and phone calls were made to centres in advance of the exam in the hope that most of the students were made aware of the error beforehand.
Less a memoir than a retrospective overview of Steiner's own preoccupations and enthusiasms, Errata is a much better book than it could have been.
Warwickshire council officers said the payment was on the basis that the balance is not paid until a full errata sheet is received from Birmingham-based consultants W S Atkins.
This article addresses three issues which often arise in depositions: First, the nature of changes that deponents may make to their testimony through errata sheets; second, the recourse counsel may have when such changes are made; and third, the circumstances under which a party or a deponent may terminate a deposition.
Errata to published NIPA tables appear in the September 1992, April 1993, October 1993, MarCH 1994, November 1994, and April 1995 issues.
Although PNM argued that errata are common and expected in rate cases, and that the parties did not need additional time to understand the updated information, the Commission felt that some additional time was warranted due to the importance and complexity of the case.
As with previous releases, Oracle Linux 7 is easy to download, free to distribute, and the only major enterprise Linux distribution that publishes all bug fixes and security errata publicly, providing more flexibility and choice than other commercial Linux distributions.
Access to a searchable online version of the book, as well as errata and supplemental content, is provided.