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Paleontologists still believe that reptiles progressed from a sprawling gait to an erect one.
Kerry County Council has been swamped with calls by locals who are outraged that they cannot erect headstones after the normal 12-month period.
Had the acetabulum pointed out and down instead, the pelvises would have supported an alternative theory, held by some since the 1970s, that pterosaurs stood erect with their hind limbs beneath their bodies and were capable of agile movement on the ground.
To vary condition 2 attached to 13F/2556 (To T erect 3 storey building incorporating basement car park to provide 8 APARTMENTS create new vehicular access and layout hard and soft landscaping) so as to carry out minor design changes.
They fear the structure could pose a health risk and are angry that the Government-owned company does not require planning permission to erect the 'unsightly' towers.
Why not erect turbines on uninhabited islands offshore?
These armed forces divisions supplied by DLA now have direct access to the FONAR Upright(TM) MRI for the diagnosis of injuries sustained by military personnel where they can now be evaluated in their fully weight-loaded erect posture," said Raymond Damadian, president and founder of FONAR.
April 2007: North Tyneside councillors throw out plans to erect a mast in the Beach Road area of North Shields amid scores of objections.
The Office of Public Works confirmed yesterday it has put a hold on granting licences to erect the structures in case children are permanently damaged by radiation.
Plans to erect a statue of former prime minister David Lloyd George have been boosted by a pounds 200,000 donation.
A PLAN to erect a mobile phone mast at Risley, Warrington, has triggered a protest from nearby residents.