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see equus.

Equus burchelli
common zebra.
Equus caballus
the modern horse.
Equus grevyi
Grevyi's zebra.
Equus przewalskii
Equus zebra
see zebra.


the final stage of the evolution of the horse. The evolution appears to have been direct beginning with Eohippus, through Miohippus and Merychippus to Pliohippus and finally to Equus.
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EXTERIOR DESIGN The Equus exterior conveys a premium-sport design message, with a 19-inch turbine-blade alloy wheel design in a polished silver finish that relays motion whether parked or on the open highway.
In urban areas, the Equus is easy to maneuver and park, thanks to excellent steering and its electronic parking assist feature.
In today's busy world, horse owners have more demands on their time than ever, so we wanted to give them more options in reading EQUUS," Prinz said.
We recently sent you the proxy materials and WHITE proxy card for the upcoming 2010 Annual Meeting of Stockholders of Equus Total Return, Inc.
According to David Zavagno, president of UMS, the EQUUS One addresses superior-imaging and portability needs of the equine veterinary marketplace, delivers flexibility in scanning process and saves operational costs with limited installation and minimal power requirements.
Also not changed: Consumer Reports' endorsement of the full-size, V-8-powered Equus as a recommended buy.
Equus marks the Surrey-based company's fourth visit to Huddersfield.
Equus Maximus made his debut in a Leopardstown bumper at the end of January and made a lasting impression as he justified 6-4 favouritism by three lengths.
In Equus, Dysart learns a lot about himself through interacting with a disturbed young patient.
The purpose of this paper is to determine how many species of Equus were present in the late Pleistocene Nueces River Valley deposits of south Texas and identify them.
This year, we chose to bring back the tuner-friendly Genesis Coupe, and debut modifications to our new luxury flagship Equus and 274 horsepower Sonata Turbo, both debuting as 2011 models.
Leftlane News, an automotive news magazine, has revealed details of the production Hyundai Equus luxury large sedan.